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Wild Seed: Patryk Jankowski, Xavi Duran

Xavi Duran has hooked up online with Patryk Jankowski and when Patryk arrives both men find themselves in full admiration of the other. As the guys begin stripping down, we are gifted with the magnificence of their well-toned, muscular bodies…
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Casting Couch #348: Viktor Rom, Richard Rodriguez

Viktor Rom awakens with his morning wood and rolls the sheets back to reveal Richard Rodriguez’s furry ass. Viktor immediately begins licking and fucking his furry hole with his hungry tongue. As Richard wakes to the pleasures of a hot,…
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In Full View, sc. 1 – Topher DiMaggio, Trent Davis

After a romantic kiss on the beach, smooth and chiseled Topher fills furry Trent’s holes with his huge cock—a passionate fuck producing two hot loads. This is a cross promotion with Kristen Bjorn Productions and TitanMen.

Raw Adventures sc. 8 – The Bridge: James Castle, Ansony

James and Ansony are sightseeing and come across a beautiful bridge made in a very modern/futuristic style. Taking in all the beauty makes their hearts race as they find a deeper attraction to one another. They return to the hotel…
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Casting Couch 9&10 Dennis D’Nello & Maikel Cash

Kristen Bjorn

var affURL=’http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/sharedclip_redirect_ccbill_link.php?PA=YOUR.AFFILIATE.NUMBER’; flowplayer(“div.video_holder_1380”, {src:’http://nats.kristenbjorn.com/flash/flowplayer.swf’, width: 640, height: 360}, { playlist: [‘http://kristenbjorn.com/files/model/previewclips/68/previewclip_wides_large.jpg’, { autoPlay: false,autoBuffering: false,loop: false,url: ‘http://www.kristenbjorn.com/files/model/previewclips/68/c106_teaser.flv’,linkUrl: affURL } ], plugins: { controls: {all: true,play: true,scrubber: true,mute: true,fullscreen: true}} } ); Young love is filled with many things, passionate kissing,…
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