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On the Prowl – Scene 11: Mateo Stanford, Fabian

Mateo and Fabian return home and immediately begin stripping each other. Mateo plants his stiff cock in Fabian’s mouth and begins feeding him all he can handle. Fabian then returns the oral pleasure of his cock down Mateo’s throat. Mateo…
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Men in the City 2 – Card Sharks: Jalil Jafar, Robin Sanchez, Julio Rey

Jalil and Julio are running a street scam that Robin gets caught up in. When Robin plays the game and loses he is coerced into returning to Julio’s apartment. Jalil is already waiting for their next guest. Robin is shoved…
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On the Prowl – Scene 1: James Castle, John Rodriguez

James and John met in London and now James is visiting John in his homeland.   The explosive chemistry that they found in London still persists on this visit and the guys can’t wait to get their hands all over each…
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Barcelona Buddies: Julio Rey, David Kadera

Julio and David are out for a run around the picturesque city of Barcelona.  They stop to stretch, but other things get in the way.  They make their way back to the apartment where Julio immediately begins face fucking David. …
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Jagged Mountain Scene 2-4B Brad Hern, Rodrigo Calas, Sergio Serrano & Tomas Friedel

Kristen Bjorn

Jagged Mountain Scene 2-4B starring Brad Hern, Rodrigo Calas, Sergio Serrano and Tomas Friedel. Sergio and Tomas have been treated to the oral expertise of Bran and Rodrigo, now they want to see if the guys are just as talented…
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