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Hot Stuff: Dicey Place – Jose Quevedo, Julio Rey, Amir Dib

Julio Rey and Amir Dib are just hanging out having a smoke when Jose Quevedo passes by and can’t take his eyes off these hot guys. Apparently, Jose passed by at the right time because Julio and Amir are feeling…
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Hot Stuff: Cruising – Malek Tobias, Ricky Ibanez

On a brisk spring day two hot men, Malek Tobias and Ricky Ibanez exchange the universal glances that are the billboards of gay sex. Malek follows Ricky home and the dance of sex, lust and desire begins. Malek expertly sucks…
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Hot Stuff: Sexendipity – Hans Berlin, Ansony, Louis Ricaute

We all have to pay our bills, Ansony, Hans Berlin and Louis Ricaute all run into to each other as they are paying their electric bills. Hans being the warm host that he is, invites the other guys back to…
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