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Casting Couch #364: Aitor Crash, Donato Reyes

Deep within the Kristen Bjorn vaults a treasure has been found, a never before seen casting of Donato Reyes with Aitor Crash. This Casting is from 2012, long before his famous elephant tattoo and is his actual porn debut. Donato…
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Skins: Intimate – Malek Tobias, Alejandro Alvarez First Raw Cock for Alejandro!

Malek and Alejandro are out enjoying the park on one of the last nice days of autumn. The cool, brisk air has made them both feel a bit frisky and a heightened desire for each other. Returning home they immediately…
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First Time, Part 2 – Chp. 8 Maikel Cash, Donato Reyes, Aymeric Deville & Sergio Serrano

As you may recall Donato received an invitation to an opulent restaurant for an elegant afternoon of champagne and caviar.  Of course Donato did not read the fine print and is now paying with the only thing that he has;…
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First Time, Part 2 – Chapter 6 Maikel Cash, Sergio Serrano, Aymeric Deville & Donato Reyes

When we last saw Donato he had received a text for free champagne and caviar.  Don’t forget to read the small print, where all the details hare hidden.  Donato continues to pay for his extravagance with his flesh.  The waiters…
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First Time Part 1 Chp. 6B Jake Genesis, Mike Colucci, Valentino Porto, Mattias Solich & Rado Zuska

Kristen Bjorn

We last saw Jake and Mattias bringing their buddies together for an afternoon around the pool. Since Jake and Mattias are hosting the get together it is only fitting that they be the first to be fucked. Mattias and Jake…
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