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Fast Paced, sc. 3 – George Ce, Nick Prescott

Nick Prescott rests on the couch, his head in the lap of muscular George Ce—who is quickly distracted from his book by Nick’s furry chest. Nick wakes from his slumber, rubbing George’s massive body. They kiss, Nick gripping George’s pec…
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Body Shop: Chris Tyler, Brian Bonds

http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1643-Body-Shop-Chris-Tyler-Brian-Bonds Needing a break from the manual labor, horny and sexy Chris Tyler checks on his stunning buddy Brian Bonds. The sexy mechanic is finishing up when he turns around and sees Chris crankin’ his big shaft. Pleasantly surprised and…
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Close Up, sc. 1: Jessy Ares, Trenton Ducati

http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1635-Close-Up-sc-1-Jessy-Ares-Trenton-Ducati Trenton Ducati enters the kitchen, showing off his ripped body to Jessy Ares—who leans in for a kiss, the two grinding their jean bulges as they lick each other. Trenton releases Jessy’s uncut missile, spitting on it before engulfing…
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Grease Monkey, sc. 1 – Nick Capra, Eddy CeeTee

http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1626-Grease-Monkey-sc-1-Nick-Capra-Eddy-CeeTee Mechanic Nick Capra gets tooled by muscular Eddy CeeTee, who swaps sucks with the hunk before fucking him deep—the two verbal alphas sweating out their aggression.This is a cross promotion with TitanMen.

Stripped 2 Hard For The Money – Fabio Stallone, Tomas Brand, Logan Rogue

http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1624-Stripped-2-Hard-For-The-Money-F-Stallone-T-Brand-L-Rogue What do the strippers do when the club’s not open for business yet? They fuck! Fabio Stallone and Logan Rogue tangle tongues while their rigid cocks press against the sides of Tomas Brand’s grizzled face. With his broad, smooth…
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San Francisco Meat Packers, Part 1: Tommy Defendi, Hans Berlin

http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1594-San-Francisco-Meat-Packers-Part-1-Tommy-Defendi-Hans-Berlin- Exhausted after handling slabs of meat all day, Hans Berlin complains to Tommy Defendi that he needs something to make him feel better. Tommy wonders if his cock fits the bill. This slab of meat is definitely to Hans’…
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Grind – Sc 1 Jessy Ares, James Corman

After voraciously sucking Jessy Ares’ uncut monster, James Corman offers his ass as the top grunt fucks him. After voraciously sucking Jessy Ares’ uncut monster, James Corman offers his ass as the top grunt fucks him.This is a cross promotion…
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House Rules – Scene 3 Adam Champ, Christopher Daniels

http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1587-House-Rules-Scene-3-Adam-Champ-Christopher-Daniels Strawberry blond Christopher buries his face inside the massive body of dark and hairy stallion Adam, whose super-sized pecs shake as he slams the bottom’s ass.This is a cross promotion with TitanMen.com

Rub Me Right – Steve Stiffer, Dominic Pacifico

http://www.kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1583-Rub-Me-Right-Steve-Stiffer-Dominic-Pacifico Sexy Steve Stiffer is so good at sucking his own cock that one wonders why he ever leaves the house. This time he has help. A make-out session leaves Dominic Pacifico with a throbbing hard on at the end…
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In Yer Face! – Chris Tyle, Trenton Ducatti

http://kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1515-In-Yer-Face!-Chris-Tyle-Trenton-Ducatti In the Cross Promotion with Kristen Bjorn Productions and Falcon Studios Group it’s a full-immersion make-out when beefy, muscular and hyper-masculine Trenton Ducati’s so turned on by Chris Tyler’s hard body and tough guy look. Chris plays rough, pumping…
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Alpine Wood Part 1: Landon Conrade, Rickey Decker

Being last to leave the breakfast table pays off for Ricky Decker. When Landon Conrad comes in, looking for something good to eat, he finds Ricky’s tan, muscular buns perfect. With a squeeze and a slap, Landon yanks Ricky’s sweatpants…
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After Hours, sc. 1 – George Ce, Felix Barca

http://kristenbjorn.com/web/model/video/detail-1575-After-Hours-sc-1-George-Ce-Felix-Barca George Ce leads the charge as horny blue collar workers take advantage of their privacy. Unable to contain his desires, tattooed top George Ce takes control of colleague Felix Barca – whose mouth and ass get stretched to the…
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Big Wood: Mitchell Rock, Marcus Rojo

Burly Mitchell Rock is getting quite a workout splitting logs, his muscled arms flexing firm and strong with every swing of his ax. Marcus Mojo (aka Landon Mycles) is drawn to the hunky woodsman and ambles up close to him…
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Kristen Bjorn and TitanMen form Content Alliance

(Barcelona and San Francisco, November, 17th, 2015) Kristen Bjorn and TitanMen are pleased to announce they have formed a strategic alliance involving the sharing of content between the two iconic gay porn brands. The two brands will each feature the…
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The Woods, Part 1: Cal Skye, Tom Wolf

Cal Skye and Tom Wolf are out patrolling the forest when Tom decides to take a nap in the truck. Cal returns to find Tom having an erotic dream and with an extremely large hard on in his pants. He…
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Bucks Country 1 Into The Wild – Conner Maguire, Donnie Dean

Country boy Connor Maguire is feeling frisky, so he finds a quiet place in the barn to jack off. His body is hard and firm, and he has a sprinkling of reddish hair across his pecs and down his tummy…
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