Monthly Archive: May 2014

Madrid Stories – An Unexpected Visitor II: Tony Gys, Mateo Stanford

Mateo and his lover Denis have just finished a hot sex session after being apart for a long time.  Denis heads off to take a bath.  Mateo has forgotten that he has invited Tony over and when Tony arrives Mateo…
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Madrid Stories – An Unexpected Visitor I: Denis Vega, Mateo Stanford

Mateo is so horny and is cruising on his mobile app and makes a connection.  When Mateo opens the door there stands Denis, his lover that has been away on active duty and returns home on furlough, excited to see…
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Madrid Stories – Old Friends: Manuel Olveyra, John Rodriguez

John has flown into Madrid to visit with his old friend Manuel.  The next morning after a good night’s rest the guys meet up downstairs in their towels, which reminds them of some good old times.  The guys flip back…
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