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Casting Couch #337: Lucio Saints, Albert Dutch

FB copy

Lucio leads Albert into a private room at the club and begins to have his way with him. Releasing his mammoth, uncut cock, Lucio begins feeding Albert’s greedy mouth. Albert devours that huge piece of meat and eats it up…
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Happy Birthday/všechno nejlepší k narozeninám Thomas Hrebec

Thomas Hrebec FB Thomas is from the Czech Republic, is 5’9″, 170 lbs., 8″ uncut and versatile. Thomas was a little shy before filming, but once he met his co-stars and filming began shy was no longer in his vocabulary. Thomas starred…
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Raw Adventures, sc. 1 – Smoke Me: James Castle, Raul Korso


Raul entices James to join him back at home and plies him with his huge, fat cock and a little smoke. James is more than eager to suck on Raul’s hot cock, he and both Raul lube it up with…
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Happy Birthday/יום הולדת שמח Morr Foxx

Morr Foxx FB

Morr is from Israel, is 5’9″, 180 lbs., 7″ cut and a top. At the time of filming Morr was dating his co-star and approached us and said that they would like to go raw for their scene. We jumped…
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On the Prowl – Scene 11: Mateo Stanford, Fabian


Mateo and Fabian return home and immediately begin stripping each other. Mateo plants his stiff cock in Fabian’s mouth and begins feeding him all he can handle. Fabian then returns the oral pleasure of his cock down Mateo’s throat. Mateo…
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Casting Couch #336: Arnau Vila, Esteban Nice


After a long, hard day at work Arnau and Esteban are glad to come home to each other. They meet on opposite sides of the bed, but their desire for each other burns like a dry timber, fast and furious….
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Men in the City 2 – The Temple: Wagner Vittoria, Diego Lauzen, Denis Vega


On a cool autumn day Diego and Wagner are enjoying the views of the reflecting pools when they spot a very handsome and virile man. They follow Denis back to his place and place him in the center of all…
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On the Prowl – Scene 10: Manuel Olveyra, James Castle, Theo Ford


James is reminiscing with his old friend Theo and remembering the fun he has had with Theo’s huge cock. Manuel walks by and decides this would be a hot couple to have sex with and invites Theo and James over….
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Casting Couch #335: Gorka Martin, Aitor Bravo


Gorka and Aitor meet up on the street and return indoors for some savage sex. Aitor strips Gorka and begins sucking his cock like there is no tomorrow. Gorka flips Aitor as Aitor pumps his cock in and out of…
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Happy Birthday/С Днем Рождения Sasha Borov

Sasha Borov TW Sasha is from the Russian Federation, is 6’2″, 180 lbs., 6′ uncut and a bottom. Having worked with Sasha over a couple of years, I’ve seen him change from a shy young man into a rather cocky character. He’s…
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Men in the City 2 – Intense Rapport: Antonio Miracle, Mario Domenech, John Rodriguez, Rainer


While out for drinks Antonio and Mario spot John and Rainer and decide to make it a wild night of sex. After shedding their clothes John begins swallowing Antonio’s pulsating cock down his throat. Mario has shoved his huge cock…
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On the Prowl – Scene 9: James Castle, Elio Guzman


After a cup of coffee it was time for a hot “shag”. The guys unleash their straining hard-ons and James starts working his mouth up and down the full length of Elio’s long shaft. Being pushed to close to the…
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Casting Couch #334: Allen King, Juan Lopez


After a night of some hot bumping and grinding on the dance floor Allen and Juan return home for some naked dancing moves. Allen drops to his knees and begins worshipping Juan’s huge, uncut cock as he works his way…
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Men in the City 2 – Card Sharks: Jalil Jafar, Robin Sanchez, Julio Rey


Jalil and Julio are running a street scam that Robin gets caught up in. When Robin plays the game and loses he is coerced into returning to Julio’s apartment. Jalil is already waiting for their next guest. Robin is shoved…
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Men In The City 2 – A Lucky Day: Tony Gys, Darius Ferdynand, Gorka Martin


Darius has invited Tony over and Tony has invited his friend Gorka to join them. After some amorous kissing the guys get right into the pleasures of sucking huge cocks. Darius shows his is a true host and begins by…
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On the Prowl – Scene 8: Max Toro, Manuel Olveyra


Manuel is walking down the street when he notices a suspicious man (Max) in a doorway, he glances over and Max exposes his huge, fat cock. Not to miss an opportunity to play with such a gifted cock, Manuel agrees…
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Casting Couch #333: Max Toro, Ansony


After feeling the heat of each other’s sexy bodies at the movies the guys return to Max’s apartment and turn up the fire. Ansony works his way up and down Max’s fat cock shaft, giving his hood some extra attention….
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On the Prowl – Scene 5: Manuel Olveyra, John Finkel


John and Manuel meet up for lunch then return to Manuel’s for some hot dessert.  Manuel quickly jumps on John’s long, hard uncut cock and swallows him whole. John takes full advantage of Manuel’s eagerness and pummels his throat with…
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On the Prowl – Scene 7: Juanjo Rodriguez, Sergi Rodriguez


Juanjo has injured his ankle and calls his good friend Sergi to go to the pharmacy and get a wrap for him. Sergi arrives with bandage in tow and Juanjo wants to know what else he has brought him. Sergi…
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Casting Couch #332: Felipe Ferro, Julio Rey


Julio and Felipe have hooked up after a hard pumping workout at the gym. Felipe showers off and then begins immediately sucking on Julio’ giant cock. Julio then reciprocates and sucks on the furry mans huge cock. Julio quickly flips…
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Casting Couch #331: Juanjo Rodriguez, Angel Lobo


Juanjo and Angel return home after a night out very hungry for each other. Passionate, deep kissing leads to stripped naked men with raging erections. Juanjo goes down on this hairy, masculine mans hard cock, devouring every morsel possible. Angel…
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Happy Birthday/boldog születésnapot Mariusz Havas


Mariusz is from Hungary is 6′, 180 lbs., 8″ uncut and a bottom. Mariusz is rather eccentric and unpredictable and always joking with everyone. There was no joking when it came to him getting fucked, that he took serious.

Happy Birthday/boldog születésnapot Gyula Eros

Gyula Eros BL1 copy

Gyula is from Hungary, is 5’9″, 190 lbs., 7.5 uncut and a bottom. Gyula was very eager to work with us and used some muscle enhancements but it was more than muscles that got large. He hit the gym hard…
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Men in the City 2 – Urban Jungle: William Bravo, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria


Wagner and Diego are enjoying the local arboretum when they notice they are being heavily cruised by William. We find out why William cruises the arboretum when we see his opulent apartment that he has invited Wagner and Diego to. …
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Happy Birthday/boldog születésnapot Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson BL2

Rob is from Hungary, is 5’11”, 180 lbs., 8″ uncut and a bottom. Rob couldn’t speak to many of his co-stars, but he had no problem communicating his needs with universal sign language. Rob has starred in Costa Brava, Wild…
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Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Lucio Saints

Lucio Saints BL3

Lucio is from Venezuela, is 6′, 185 lbs., 9.5″ uncut and versatile. Lucio burst onto the world stage with Kristen Bjorn Productions and has taken the world by storm and has become an international sensation. With his huge, uncut cock…
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Happy Birthday/feliz cumpleaños Adrian Toledo

Adrian Toledo BL1

Adrian is from Spain, is 5’8″, 150 lbs., 7″ uncut and versatile. Adrian’s eyes are so deep and dark, like a bottomless pool that you will be enchanted at first glance, your heart will melt and your cock will become…
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On the Prowl – Scene 6: James Castle, Max Toro, Angel Lobo


James is set up by two criminals that know how to spot a tourist and do the bump and snatch. They make off with his mobile phone, but James realizes in time and is in hot pursuit. Max and Angel…
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Men in the City – Double Match: Jan Faust, Jalil Jafar, Rado Zuska


Jalil is taking in the sites of the city when he finds himself being cruised by 2 hot guys that invite him over. Rado and Jan quickly strip Jalil and begin double fucking his mouth with their huge, hard cocks….
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